суббота, 21 января 2012 г.

Sammy and Angelina are two experienced wrestlers. They have had a somewhat rough relationship at times, sometimes taking their agression out on one another, despite being friends. On this particular trip they are taking, Sammy left it up to Angelina to book the hotel. Angelina admits she went with the cheaper hotel with no pool, despite knowing that Sammy wanted to swim, because she was paying and was being cheap. After Sammy takes an attitude with her, Angelina blows up and gives it right back to her. The two VERY STRONG and skilled wrestlers go back and forth, each one dishing out some pain, and each one suffering. A few times, they get into "dualing scissors", which is always exciting. Brutal chokes, crushing scissors, humiliating ass wedges, and a few KO's make for a hell of a video. We had to stop filming twice to make one girl stop squeezing the other. Yes, they went at it HARD!